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Based in Florida, Impact Pro is your 1 stop shop for all of your Marketing, Promotional Items, Branding and Purchasing needs.  

We are dedicated to providing your business with a very wide range of marketing materials and design services to help it gets the visibility and presence it truly needs. From Logo Design to Full Color Printing and Promotional Products, We have the knowledge and tools to help you maximize your advertising budget, get the most return on your investment and give you the edge over your competition.


If you are a company just starting out or you are an existing company seeking a fresh modern look-- you need to search no further!


Impact Pro also provides companies with fast, effective, reliable and personalized purchasing and export services that meet their specific needs.  In fact, we outsource the most effective products and supplies at the best rates for each particular customer, and strive to provide hassle free operations for final delivery to their location.


We want to help you brand, promote and market your business, product or service successfully...  Let Impact Pro be your smart choice.



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